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What is PHP-Nuke Platinum?
PHP-Nuke Platinum is based on PHP-Nuke which has one of the biggest user's community in the world for this kind of CMS, Visit to get all the news on the PHP-Nuke Platinum project.

PHP-Nuke Platinum Installer
This Installer will simplify the process of a new installation of PHP-Nuke Platinum,
The Installer will... Create the tables, Create your config.php file and Create Your First Admin Account.

Now just click on the Start button and follow some steps: first all, if you want to use this platform, you must accept the terms of the GNU/GPL License, then insert the required data for connection and configuration.

Good job,
  Piero Trono.

Note: feedback, suggestions, report of bug for this Installer will be appreciated: Contact us

PHP-Nuke Platinum Installer Copyright © 2006 by Future Nuke
Based on PHPNuke Installer Copyright © 2005 by Piero Trono
Rreleased under GNU/GPL License with no warranty